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AKZENT Hotel & Restaurant "Körner Hof"
Hallesche Straße 102
D-44143 Dortmund
Tel.: +49 (0) 231 / 56 20 84-0
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Henriette's restaurant - tradition in a modern way!

In our restaurant you have the opportunity to re-discover the excellent Wesphalian cuisine.

In the evening our newly arranged sun terrace or our hotel bar, which is especially popular with our guests as a meeting place, are inviting for a stay.

restaurant-henriette_250.png Henriette Davidis was born in 1800 in Westphalia, Wengern on the Ruhr River, today a part of the city of Wetter (Ruhr), as the tenth of thirteen children to the Reverend Ernst Heinrich Davidis and his Dutch wife Katharina Litthauer. Henriette Davidis (1800 – 1876) is the most famous German cook and classic cookbook author. Primarily she was educated to a nursery nurse and then worked in a girl's school (Mädchenarbeitsschule) founded by herself, later she worked as a private teacher in Bremen. From there she came to Dortmund. Here she began to ask the Dortmund gentlewomen for her cooking recipes, which she tried out for recording them in a compilation. The result was her life's dream of an own cooking book which got very popular within a short time and was also translated into many languages. Even though lots of similar cooking books were published at this time, the „Praktische Kochbuch“ had developed to be the cooking book of the late 19th and the early 20th century and became to be a fixture of many German households. Today, Henriette Davidis is buried on East Cemetary, only a stone's throw away from our restaurant, but her mind lives on in our excellent Westphalian cuisine. With traditional recipes and their reinterpretation our offers are following the large fund of our famous cook.

Our current menu and advices you can download here.


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